Shortcut October;

Shortcut October; 

Alone. Naked. In front of a mirror.
You’re already halfway through a breast self exam. Surprisingly, most Indian women ignore doing it – 60% of breast cancer cases in India are diagnosed at stage 3 and 4.
We don’t intend to drum on about the stats, frightening stats. But just consider this, They say you should live to the fullest while you’re dying, Cancer doesn’t really let you do that if you’re here in India. While in the process of being treated, patients lose their hair, and a bald woman is still considered a stigma in India.
Donate without paying, Donate your hair. #ShortcutOctober by donating it to Cancer Patients Aids Association for making wigs for women undergoing chemotherapy.

While using the following filter won’t increase donations for CPAA, but it can make sure people in your network are aware about things they need to be aware about. A comfortable, failure-free way to be involved in a cause for its tangible success.

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Hair donation details…

• You can get the hair cut at any salon. Hair has to be washed, dried and tied into a plait with rubber bands at both the ends before cutting.
• Hair to be donated should be minimum 12 inches in length. Please make sure that the whole bunch of hair is minimum 12″ long and not just a few strands. The hair shorter than that is not usable for wigs as knotting the same in the wig scalp is difficult.
• Do not let the hair to be donated fall on ground as hair swept off the floor is unusable for making wigs.
• At least 6 -7 women’s hair is required to make one wig. The donated hair we receive is sorted according to their quality and then used to make a wig. Grey, Treated, Coloured and streaked hair is accepted.
• Place the cut plait in a plastic bag with the name, email address & mobile number of the hair donor. Please courier the hair to be donated at Smt. Panadevi Dalmia Cancer Management Centre King George V Memorial, Dr. E. Moses Road, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai – 400 011
• There is no prefered courier service. We regularly get hair parcels through DTDC, First flight, Vichare, EMS Speed post, India post etc Please mention that the packet contains hair which is of no value.
• Please email at, your pre-post hair cut pictures along with a short note about your thoughts on hair donation, to be put up on our website & social media pages.
• Our team will SMS you on receipt of your hair parcel and email you the E-Certificate of Appreciation, soon after we receive the hair parcel.